Fix Discord Embeds Not Working [Causes and Fixes 2024]

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Embedded messages open the door to a lot of fun regarding messaging. Discord is a popular messaging and calling app for gamers, in particular, and it also supports embedded messages.

But sometimes, embedded messages don’t work. This can be an annoying experience. But do not worry, as you are not the only one experiencing this issue, and when many people are experiencing a problem, solutions are found.fix-discord-embeds-not-working

As a technology enthusiast and gamer, I love using Discord. I, too, have previously faced the problem of being unable to send embedded messages. As I have managed to find some reasonable solutions, I thought I would let you all know.

Keep reading this article until the end to fix the “Discord Embed Not Working” problem.

What Does Embed Mean in Discord?

An embedded object is an element of Discord messages that may be used to deliver data with unique formatting and structure. Embeds can have different types of data and systems that represent specific types of information quite well.

The messages are sent in a unique way that helps them stand out.

Discord’s popularity is reaching new heights over time. What started off as an application to mainly connect gamers is now being used by many communities.

The convenience of bots makes Discord a great place to hang out and just chill with friends. Creating topic-specific channels on a Discord server can also help organize your messages.

This is all that makes Discord such a well-liked messaging platform, along with its adaptability in message sending and customizable emojis. discord-embed

So, regarding Discord’s flexibility when sending messages, embedded messages are one of the first things that come to mind.

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Users can write text messages in various formats and structures using the fantastic Embed functionality in Discord.

Using this embed option, you may quickly send tweets that you can embed into Discord’s native user interface. As a result, a tweet preview can be seen in the Discord discussion without opening the URL in the browser first.

This is just one example of what you could do with the embed feature. embed-image-discord

You can add the following components to an embedded message:

  • Author, including links and avatar
  • Title
  • Thumbnail image
  • Description
  • Field(s)
  • Image
  • Timestamp
  • Footer, including text and icon
  • Color (sets the color of the left sidebar of the embed)

Among these components, fields deserve extra attention as you must follow specific rules.

Here are the rules:

  • The fields are all optional.
  • There must be at least one field.
  • No field can be undefined, null, or empty.

If you were mistaken, these aren’t some recommended guidelines. These are rules that must be followed so that the embed works. Otherwise, you will receive the output Bad Request.

Why Use Embedded Messages on Discord?

You use embeds on Discord simply because you want to. It can make your message look more organized and pretty. You can also do a lot of cool stuff with it if you know how to do it.

With the help of the embed feature, you can structure the message for several reasons and show it in a distinctive way that deviates from the standard message format.

The example of being able to send tweets was one cool thing you could pull out of the hat through embedded messages. discord-embed

You may want to send a text message that stands out from the rest on a specific text channel. You might also like to send that message to a particular person.

In this situation, you can design and format your message using the Discord embed tool. It makes sense that formatting and inserting the message would take time and be challenging. However, doing this is not really challenging.

It might take you a short time to understand the idea, though. So the first step is actually to understand embeds and how they work.

If you do not know how to use them, you will not be able to understand if the issue is on your end instead of a Discord issue, possibly because of a setting not being set right.

Why Does Discord Embed Not Work?

Due to several factors, Discord’s embed might not be functioning. The user may disable the embed capability, the user may not have sufficient permissions to embed messages, or there may be a server issue.

The problem could also be with the link.

You might not have your link preview option turned on. This is one of the leading causes of Discord embeds not working. Therefore, turning on the link/website preview option is the appropriate response for most users.

There are a lot of servers where users’ activating the embed feature results in users’ not being granted authorization to message. Likely, you do not have the necessary permissions to send an embedded message to a channel on servers like that.

Discord server admins can set permissions on different channels according to their preferences. If embedded messages are not allowed on a particular channel for you, then you cannot send embedded messages on that channel.

Another possibility is that the Discord servers are down, and you are failing to send embedded messages and every other type of message.

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How to Fix Discord Embeds Not Working

Finding solutions is pretty straightforward once you know what the causes are. So the approach you should take to fix this problem is to solve the reasons mentioned in the previous section and verify if any of them fixes the problem for you.

Because of how good the embed feature is, you feel worse if it does not work for you. Do not let the feeling of missing out ever get to you for reasons like these, as I have some fixes for you to try!

Here are some of the fixes to Discord embeds not working:

1. Turn on the Link/Website Preview Option

As mentioned in the previous section, having the link/website preview option turned off can be why embeds are not working for you on Discord.

The embed option can be turned on or off in Discord. Many consumers can disagree with the embedded messaging or just want to read the message in plain text. Discord, therefore, provided this feature in this way to give the end-user flexibility.

If you find the feature turned off and do not remember turning it off, then perhaps the feature was automatically turned off after an update.

The good thing for you is that it is easy to check this option’s status and turn it on if it is not already turned on.

Follow these steps to turn on the link/website preview:

  • Launch your Discord App.
  • Click on the gear icon to go to User Settings. gear-icon
  • Click on the Texts and Images section located on the left sidebar. discord-text-and-images
  • Turn on the When posted as links to chat option under the Display photos, videos, and lolcats section at the top of the window.
  • Turn on the Show embeds and preview website links pasted into the conversation option at the bottom of the page. text-and-images-option-optimization
  • Restart your Discord application.

Verify whether the problem has been fixed. If not, try the next fix.

2. Verify Server and Channel Permissions

As mentioned in the previous section, server admins may set channel permissions to prevent you from sending embedded messages.

All you can do is ask the administrators or moderators to check the permission settings of the server if you are unsure whether they are stopping you from sending the embedded message.

If you need any higher roles, the admins can check and determine whether you deserve one because there are situations when you might not be able to send an embedded message due to the user’s role. server-roles

In this situation, you should ask to be elevated to a higher rank.

If everything is alright and you are supposed to be able to send embedded messages, then check for one last problem.

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3. Check if Discord’s Server is Down or Unstable

If both of the previous fixes fail, the problem may just be with the Discord server instead. The application tries to process any embedded messages or link previews you submit and retrieve any necessary data from the server.

What if the server is down or unstable?

The function won’t work since the app won’t retrieve data. So you will not be able to send embedded messages. You might face worse problems.

Contacting Discord support is the best course of action for resolving the problem. They typically respond quickly to these difficulties and will tell you if a third party or their side is to blame.

Discord support should also be able to help you out if anything other than these 3 causes is responsible for Discord embeds not working.

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What can I do with embedded messages?

You can format your text and highlight your syntax. You can also attach links, images, and videos.

Does Discord support embeds?

Yes. Embedded messages are supported on Discord.

How long can Discord embed me?

It can be about 6000 characters long.

How can I cancel the embed for only one link?

You can enclose a link in ‘<>’ tags to cancel an embed for a particular link.


You can fix the Discord embeds not working problem by trying the 3 fixes mentioned in the article. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your Discord application if it does not work. If you contact Discord support, you might learn more about the problem.

If you have any queries, make sure to comment below! I will try my best to assist you.

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