About Us

Written By Farhan Bin Matin

In this world of artificial intelligence, information is no longer limited to only a handful of people. But authentic information from industry experts always lacks reach.

10PCG is the kind of platform that shares hands-on raw knowledge of every part and parcel of computer hardware and software.

We are dedicated to helping people around the world with authentic tech information. We believe that everyone should have access to the information they need to use their computers and other devices to their full potential.

That’s why we offer a wide range of articles, tutorials, and guides on everything from hardware installation to software troubleshooting.

Our Main Focus

  • Explain advanced Tech topics as simple as possible
  • 100% Authentic Research Contents
  • Provide industry-standard information on tech niche
  • Connect with people and community as effortless as anything

Our Mission & Vision

Our goal is to assist individuals in making the most of the technology that currently permeates every aspect of our life.

Based on our everyday tech lives, we offer educational how-to tutorials, troubleshooting instructions, and product evaluations.

We are the experts you come to when something is wrong with your tech peripherals, you want to know about the latest tech news, or you need detailed information about the newest tech gadgets—and which ones are the right choice for you. We give clear, understandable explanations of everything.


Our mission is to inform and educate people on the latest technological developments, identify items that improve their quality of life, and demonstrate how to use everything.

For those who depend on their technology daily and want it to function adequately, we want to be the reliable, approachable, and authoritative voice. If it doesn’t, they want to look for a solution, fix it, and keep it ongoing. We assist them in achieving this, which is our leading priority.

The 10PCG’s professional crew is always ready to serve you. Our knowledgeable technology authors, who include industry experts, aim to give readers up-to-date, correct information with supporting visuals.

Before producing a piece of content, our highly expert authors ensure every minor detail. They also perform a hardware check to determine if there is an issue. Helping readers resolve different technical difficulties is our top goal.

Who We Are?

We have a team of experienced writers who are passionate about tech. We’re always working to create new and informative content that will help our readers get the most out of their devices.

Here’s something about our Team:

Research & Development Team

Farhan Bin Matin
Head of R&D

Farhan is a tech enthusiast. He’s been into tech and gaming since he got a PS2 in his childhood. Currently, he’s almost done with his undergrad. Besides testing and researching geeky stuff, Farhan has the utmost passion for photography.


Muhallil Ahnaf Tanna
Senior Content Analyst

Muhallil Ahnaf Tanna is a Mathematics undergraduate student. Tanna has loved gadgets ever since the first wave of smartphones hit the market. The passion slowly moved towards the desktop computer scene and the underlying tech. Tanna aspires to combine logic and tech knowledge to help people understand tech better. He loves to spend his free time coding and gaming.

Editorial & Management Team


Md. Ezahebul Islam
Team Leader


Rimon Shahriar
Team Leader


Jason Andrews
Content Editor

Andrews lives in the Rocky Mountains of North America. Being tech-savvy, he helped thousands to build their dream PC. Right from the age of 7 when Andrews got his first computer, he developed a profound passion for gaming and tech. He also completed his post-graduation in electrical engineering. Apart from that, he has a true passion for music.

Our Content Developers


Elman Ucchwas
Senior Content Developer


Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
Content Developer


MD Abu Naeem
Content Developer

New Team Members


K. M. Tarek Enam

Hi, I’m Tarek Enam, a B.Sc.undergraduate in Petroleum and Mining Engineering. I got enthusiasm for computers since childhood & the journey never stopped, instead amplified. I was a casual gamer but found more passion in competitive games during college time & won two local COD4 tournaments. Besides gaming, I can also assemble all PC parts on my own & research tech stuff online.


Kowshik Ahmed

Hey! It’s me, Kowshik. I am one of those guys who are always tinkering with gadgets or technological news. From the corner of PC hardware to software, I’m continuously looking for methods to dig the potential. Another love of my life is gaming, which can be on a PC or mobile. And this is the cycle of my life, and I am happy with it.


syed ahsan ashique e1684316358173Sayed Ahsan Ashiqueuzzaman

I’m a Computer Science Engineering grad, so my academic expertise is in Software Engineering. But computer hardware & peripherals, OS, IoT, and Consoles trigger my intrigue intensely. My vision is to assist the tech community with my expertise.

A Brief History

10PCG has come a long way from its beginnings. Our passion for the Tech niche drove us to do tons of research so that 10PCG can offer you the absolute best content.

The Enthusiasm of our team to dig deep into the latest tech happenings and write about them inspires our readers to rely upon us. We now serve users all over the world and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into our website.